Mr. Cannon

Mr. Cannon


Parents: This is a list of terms that could help in all subjects, during the 5th grade year. This is a great tool for you and your child

Social Studies terms that students need to be familiar with.

Confederate States Union States         
Civil War             U
nderground Railroad            Appomattox Courthouse   Ulysses S.Grant                     Robert E. Lee                 assassination  
overseers                        Frederick Douglas        Imperialism                      civil rights                               progressives                 allies
suffrage                           Theodore Roosevelt     
Adolf Hitler         
Concentration camp         rationing
Pearl Harbor                   Holocaust  
Emancipation Proclamation                              
Constitution                           Gettysburg Address       segregation                            immigration                    entrepreneur

Mathematic terms students need to be familiar with.

dividend divisor product
quotient remainder  decimal
raction place value      tenths
hundredths       thousandths     millions
hundred-thousands  ten thousands              factor
partial products                     
multiple array
Associative Property commutative property
multiplication    divisor              dividend
simplify denominator     numerator
common denominator           unlike denominator
improper fraction             mixed number             
axis  coordinate
coordinate plane horizontal                     vertical origin intersection of lines     rectangle ordered pairs   triangle                         square rhombus      trapezoid                      hexagon pentagon          acute angle                   right angle obtuse angle   parallel lines                 perpendicular lines
irregular polygons                  regular polygons 
polygon q
uadrilateral    vertex                            equilateral triangle
sosceles triangle                    scalene triangle            vertices volume  area                            cubic units prime number   composite numbers


Language arts/writing terms students should be familiar with.

verbs nouns pronouns
adjectives     adverbs pre-writing
proofreading    declarative
nterrogative imperative    exclamatory
subject predicate setting
plot  quotation  comma
informative writing narrative writing persuasive writing
paragraph direct object similes
metaphors fact opinion
preposition synonyms    antonyms
compound sentences transition words          
body conclusion                   
engaging words

Science terms students should be familiar with.                       

erosion weathering   crust 
deposition       mantle         core
lithosphere      plate tectonics 
faults        epicenter          earthquake
dome mountain                        seismic waves              barrier islands  atom                molecule            
matter:solids, gases, liquids  
metric system                          mass
density physical change     
chemical change                     ene
reactant          conductors       in
electromagnet        vertebrate
invertebrate symmetry        amphibian 
ngiosperm      gymnosperm   vascular
non vascular kingdom          
circulatory system 
musculatory system              
nervous system osmo
choroplast        diffusion         
infectious disease immune system           acquired trait adaption heredity                        DNA gene chromosome                sinkhole